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Are you curious about Rife? You'll like these Audio CD's on Royal Raymond Rife with a huge amount of audio of Rife himself...

Royal Raymond Rife Speaks!
Vintage from John Marsh's collection:
Gives details about the groundbreaking
research conducted by Rife and
Doctors he collaborated with.

Royal Rife Audio CD Set

These CDs are for educational purposes only and are not to be construed as medical advice or to lead anyone away from a doctor.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the most brilliant and persistent scientist in history. What follows is a brief description of how Dr. Rife developed this remarkable technology. Where technology didn't exist, Dr. Rife invented it, such as the first microdissectors, micromanipulators, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. Dr. Rife won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, and a medical degree (hon.) from the University of Heidelberg. Millionaires like Henry Timken (owner of Timken Bearings) financed Dr. Rife's work.

Hearing Rife in his own words is very powerful and educational. We are now making available a set of remastered Audio tapes on CD. Most of the tape hiss has been removed using the latest computer software. This set is taken from the original John Marsh collection of Reel to Reel tapes. The Audio restoration is Copyright 2003. On these CDs you will hear Dr. Royal Raymond Rife with Dr. Robert P. Stafford M.D., John Marsh, Dr. James B. Couche M.D., John Crane, Dr. Tully D.D.S., Dr. Gonin M.D., Henry Siner, Ben Cullum (a friend of Rife), and Dr. Fite.

Check out these audio samples:

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Second Rife Clip MP3 version

Second Rife Clip Windows Media Player version

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Table of Contents:
Rife Audio CD Set - The John Marsh Collection

Dr. Robert P. Stafford M.D. 1:08:00
Dr. Stafford's evaluation of Dr. Rife's frequency instrument after 18 months of use.

1. Dr. Rife 15:27
Dr. Rife's reply to Dr. Stafford's evaluation.
2. John Marsh 19:11
John Marsh's reply to Dr. Stafford's evaluation
3. John Marsh 1972 14:21
4. John Marsh, Dock, and Sharlene Bronson 1972 31:37

1. Dr. James B. Couche M.D. 59:48
Dr. Couche tells John Crane about his 22 years of using Dr. Rife's frequency instrument.
2. Dr. Royal Rife 8:49
Dr. Rife talks about the BX virus and the 1934 clinic.

1. Dr. Tully D.D.S. 29:36
Dr. Tully tells John Crane about his successful use of Rife's frequency instrument.
2. Dr. Tully D.D.S. and Dr. Rife 36:41
Dr. Rife and Dr. Tully talk about e-coli, cancer and ray tube.

1. Dr. Gonin M.D. and Henry Siner 41:21
Dr. Gonin talks about the microscope he bought from Rife. Siner talks about his trip to England, Rife, Timkin and BX virus.
2. Dr. Rife 35:37
Dr. Rife talks about electron therapy, Kendall, Rosenow, and 1934 clinic.

1. Ben Cullum 1:00:06
Ben Cullum talks to John Crane about his friendship with Rife, building of first microscope, Beam Ray trial and Mrs. Timkin.
2. Dr. Lara and Dr. Rife 19:11
Dr. Rife talks about various infections.

1. Dr. Rife, Stoudard and Dickland 41:46
Dr. Rife talks about how frequencies work, 20000 cancer tissue sections and BX virus.
2. Dr. Rife and John Crane 24:30
Dr. Rife talks about harmonics of frequencies, killing organisms, and microscope magnification.

1. Dr. Rife 56:10
Dr. Rife talks about his methods, cancer, tetanus and leprosy.
2. Dr. Rife and Dr. Fite 7:29
Dr. Rife talks about the BX, BY and Universal Microscope controls.

1. Dr. Rife and John Crane 58:17
Dr. Rife and John Crane talk at great length about the Universal Microscope.

CD-10 (New!)
1. Dr. Rife and John Marsh ??
More important information on this recently added CD!
1. John Marsh talks about Rife's microscope, the organisms chemical colors and audio frequencies. Also his wife's cancer, Howard Hughes, Convair, and how Rife gave them a Beam Ray instrument: 27:47

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How did Dr. Rife's instruments work?

Since the first writing of this article more information has come to light (John Marsh’s papers & tapes) that made it so we had to correct the major errors that were in it. We believe that this new documented information will finally answer these questions: who found the audio frequencies and what instruments used them? And what frequencies were Dr. Rife’s true M.O.R.s? When new information is received that sheds greater light on Dr. Rife and the history of those who worked with him then it becomes necessary to update this article.

In this article we will examine the way Dr. Rife’s instruments worked. We will look at the evidence by quoting the sources such as Dr. Rife, John Crane, John Marsh, Dr. Couche, Dr. Lara, Dr. Stafford and Bertrand L. Comperet, Rife’s attorney in the 1938 Beam Ray Corporation trial, and later John Crane’s attorney for Life Labs’ trial in 1961. Hopefully anyone who reads this article will have a better understanding about Dr. Rife and the methods he used. Our goal is to try to give people information so that they can make a more informed decision. We have tried to explain in laymen’s terms so that anyone can understand. We hope this will be helpful.

What is a ray tube and how does it work?

Dr. Rife used a ray tube with his instruments. A ray tube was made out of glass, quartz or Pyrex and was filled with a noble gas or a mixture of noble gases. Dr. Rife used different mixtures of gases but finally ended up using helium. He stated:

Rife:We have experimented with various inert gases and we found that helium stood up by the bombardment better than any of the other gases. That’s why we use it. We don’t care about the color or anything of that sort. It stood up better over many more hours of bombardment than the argon and the crypton and those different gases that we tried.” (John Marsh collection - Gonin and Siner papers pages 25 & 26.

The ray tube was connected to the instrument by two wires. These wires were connected to two round metal bars that went into the glass tube and had round disks connected to their ends. One disk was straight and the other one was on a 45 degree angle. This gave it a directional effect towards the patient. Dr. Rife stated that the ray tube was “a directional antenna”. Because the scientific technology behind ray tubes had already been perfected, Rife worked with that technology and only had to make some adjustments for it to work the way he wanted it to. Bertrand L. Comperet, Rife’s attorney, stated in an interview:

Comperet:Now, the original instrument had a tube, like an X-ray tube. That was the way in which Rife developed it. You see, all the X-ray work necessarily was done with a beam projected from a tube. So, Rife worked on the same basis.” (Comperet interview papers - 1970’s)

There are limitations to ray tubes that need to be understood. It has to do with the laws of physics. Ray tubes when properly tuned are very efficient. About 95% of the energy that you put into a ray tube comes out. Dr. Rife’s instruments put out about 50 to 60 watts to the ray tube. This means about 50 watts came out of the ray tube. You have to divide the 50 watts that come out of the ray tube by four (because of the laws of physics on signal loss) for every foot that you move away from the ray tube. So at one foot away from the ray tube you only have 12.5 watts. At two feet you only have 3.125 watts and at 3 feet you only have about .78 of a watt. This is important to understand because Rife and the doctors that used his equipment put the ray tube within a few inches of the patient’s body. Dr. Couche said that he would sometimes touch the body of the patient in the area that needed to be treated. Dr. Robert P. Stafford said when we asked him, that when he treated cancer patients he would put the ray tube within a few inches of the body and treat a 6 inch square area. He would move the ray tube up and down and back and forth so that the whole 6 inch area was treated. He said that he did this because of the way the phanotron ray tube worked. The design of a phanotron ray tube makes it partially directional and concentrates its energy or power into a small area. With the power loss from the ray tube it is easy to understand why Dr. Stafford, Dr. Couch, Dr. Rife and the other doctors used the ray tube right next to the body.
We have built an AZ-58 ray tube instrument (a 1950’s Rife instrument made by Life Labs) from schematics that are on Stan Truman’s site,, under AZ-58 research information. This instrument is almost the same as the original 1930’s Beam Ray instrument built by Philip Hoyland found on Aubrey Scoon's website (, except it doesn’t have any harmonics in the carrier frequency and it uses square wave audio frequencies. We tested the AZ-58 for penetration and found that at about 32 inches from the body full penetration of the frequency emitted from the ray tube was lost. From the tests made, it takes at least 1.25 watts to penetrate all the way through the body.
We are not trying to upset or offend any manufacturers of ray tube instruments but the laws of physics must be understood no matter how much we may dislike it. With this said, many ray tube instruments built today recommend that you stay from 3 to 6 feet away from the ray tube. These instruments put out about 125 to 250 watts into the ray tube. With 125 watts you only get 31.25 watts to the body at one foot. If one sits 3 to 6 feet away from the ray tube then, according to the laws of physics, there may not be enough power to fully penetrate the body. Since Dr. Rife always tested his instruments for penetration, and used the ray tube right next to the body, I believe he understood these limitations. Some use a long cylinder type ray tube that stands straight up or lays down sideways. These put out in 360 degrees with no directional effect and are called omni-directional. This means that the 125 watts that come out of the ray tube are spread out in 360 degrees. With the energy spread out in 360 degrees at a distance of 3 to 6 feet away, one can see that by the laws of physics the power penetrating the body is minimal. We are not questioning the effectiveness of ray tubes, just the distance in relation to the power loss. We are not doubting that there may be physiologic effects from ray tubes at a great distance (50 to 100 feet) but the real question is can the frequency fully penetrate the body and kill an organism at that distance?

What power levels did Dr. Rife use?

Dr. Rife’s #4 instrument and the instrument built by Beam Ray Corporation of the 1930’s and Life Labs of the 1950’s put about 50 to 60 watts into the ray tube. Because some of Dr. Rife’s information about instrument power levels is confusing, most of us have thought that Dr. Rife’s instruments put out 400 to 600 watts to the ray tube but new information show this is not correct. The problem has been that the people who wrote down this information were incorrectly giving the power usage of Rife’s instruments as the output power. Dr. Rife’s instruments used 400 to 600 watts but they only put out about 50 to 60 watts to the ray tube. When the 1930’s Beam Ray Corporation instrument power levels were measured, it showed that they used about 450 watts and output about 50 watts to the ray tube. When measured, the AZ-58 1950’s instrument used about the same 450 watts but output about 60 watts to the ray tube. In the paper “Development of the Rife Ray and use in devitalizing of pathogenic micro-organisms” it states: “The frequencies were generated by a tube oscillator with many stages of amplification, the final stage being a 50 watt output tube.” Now this output tube should not be confused with the ray tube. These are the old tubes used in radios and televisions. The main output tube in the AZ-58 is an 812A tube that is rated at 85 watts. You can get more power out of it but you will also shorten your tube life. The 1930’s Beam Ray instruments used a similar tube with about the same power output.
The important thing to understand is that Dr. Rife’s instruments did not put out any more power than about 60 watts to the ray tube. When Dr. Rife, Crane and Marsh were working on sea water conversion and used frequencies in that process, they boosted the output power in the instrument. Concerning that instrument and some 1930’s Beam Ray instruments that Dr. Yale had increased the power level on Rife said the following:

Rife:Now this outfit here - the way we have it boosted up here now with an extreme lot of power behind the actual output that is coming out of the thing...I wouldn’t want to use this - or I wouldn’t want to use this instrument here the way it is souped up there for this salt water proposition to treat a patient with.”


Rife:You can get beyond the limit.”

GONIN:Yes, quite.”

Crane:That’s what Dr. Yale did. You see, he stepped it up and up and up…”

Rife:When Vern Thompson used to go down there and take care of Yale’s machines - when he began stepping them up and so...where you get up into that extreme power…oh yes, that is not good. With the power that is in these [50 to 60 watts], there is absolutely no harm because I had my microscope here - I had my tube [ray tube] right here in front of it - oh, about 11 or 12 inches away from the slide in the microscope and here I was with this thing all around like that and that tube going here and my specimens and the microscope year after year tuning that thing and it never harmed me any.” (John Marsh collection - Gonin papers pages 2 & 3.

Dr. Yale’s Beam Ray instruments were putting out a lot more power than Dr. Rife felt was safe. If Yale’s instruments were made to put out the maximum power that the main output tube could produce then they probably were putting out around 100 watts. It may be that Dr. Rife was just over cautious but we believe his statement should be considered when one looks at power levels of 100 to 300 watts. These kind of power levels are not necessary if a phanotron tube is used.

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