Implosion Research Introduction
Water is the single most important substance for life on our planet. All living beings are made up of large amounts of water. We humans consist of over 70% water. It is therefore vital to have healthy ‘living’ water to sustain us.

In the industrialised world of today, aqua vivens (=‘living’, energetically charged water) is a rarity. In our drinking water supply systems, water is exposed to the detrimental energetic effects of straight unnatural water pipes, high mains pressures and chemical treatments. Water is not allowed to move in its naturally winding way thereby causing loss of life force. Negative energetic imprints from chemicals, such as fertilisers, pesticides and sterilisers remain in the water, even after physical removal of such substances (Ludwig, 1991). 

Independent research by Prof. Jacques Benveniste, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Prof. David Schweitzer and others has shown that water can store information and picks up negative as well as positive energetic imprints by way of vibrational transfer. This "memory of water" phenomenon is attributed to the dipolar structure of the water. Hundreds of water molecules group together and form clusters, in which colloidal minerals and biophotons (light energy) interact. These clusters are very sensitive structures and are impressionable by vibrational influences. In this way water acts as a receiver and transmitter of information.

The natural world, which we are a part of, moves in a spiralling fashion. This is particularly obvious in shellfish, snails, antelope horns, pine cones and climbing plants such as clematis and ivy. In a more subtle way, all plants grow in a spiralling fashion always turning to face the sun. The DNA of all organisms forms a double helix spiral. Water flowing in a natural meandering river system forms whirls and eddies and never follows a straight path, and like all free falling objects, rain drops, too, fall in a subtly spiralling motion. 

This spiralling motion allows all life forms to become energetically charged and enables life on this planet to exist and evolve. 

The Original Vortex Water Energiser
Image of the Vortex Energiser The Vortex Energiser (18cm height, 16cm greatest diameter) is a spiralling copper device. It contains highly energised water, which has been prepared using an innovative new process called implosion. Whilst this process is new to technology it is actually as ancient as the Universe.

Implosion is one of the fundamental processes behind nature. The Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology saw implosion as the life generating principle and explosion as the life degenerating principle (Coats, 1996).

Because of the special water it contains, and its form, the Vortex Energiser acts as a cosmic antenna and amplifier which takes its energy directly from the Quantum Sea of Energy or Ether, a subtle form of energy which is all around us.

This means that no electrical power supply is required. Just placing the Vortex Energiser beside ordinary ‘lifeless’ water will cause it to become charged and healthy once again. Direct contact with water is not necessary as the energy is transferred by way of vibration. This process is similar to one tuning fork picking up the vibration of another tuning fork, even if the first one has not been struck. This is also called resonance.

The photographs below taken by Prof. David Schweitzer through a phase contrast darkfield microscope at 4000x magnification show the changes to the micro cluster structure of water as a result of being energised with the Vortex Energiser. The middle and right images clearly show the increased structure and more vibrant biophoton emissions.

Biophotons are molecular light emissions, which, according to Prof. Fritz Popp, regulate cell growth and regulate cell regeneration. They also control all biochemical processes. 

After his tests Prof. Schweitzer commented:

"Now, as you can see on the images, it is beyond words! The beauty, colour and structure are unparallel to anything I have ever seen. I personally cannot explain, how and why this transformation of the water clusters has been so dramatic after applying the Vortex Energiser. There are two main cluster structures that appear after letting the water run for 10 minutes through the Energiser field. It is the branch shape and some geometric shapes of a very unusual kind. It is apparent that these two shapes represent the female and male, respectively. I have never seen water samples which contains both these shapes before. This is very balanced water. I used the tilting of 1.12 degrees of the table, 4000X computer enhancement, polarizing filter, with 820 NM light source. 

Well, I guess, these are images, that talk for themselves!!!"

Regarding David Schweitzer's tests:

He attached the Vortex Energiser to the pipe just before the tap, through which he then let tap water run for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes he drew a sample of water from the tap, which produced the energised images.
London tap water - non energised London tap water - energised London tap water - energised
Ordinary London tap water with no Cluster structure and small amounts of Biophoton emissions. London tap water (at the same magnification) after energisation with the Vortex Energiser showing increased structure and more vibrant biophoton emissions. Middle structure: the branch like "female" structure. Right image: the geometrical "male" structure

Independent tests carried out by the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna have shown that the physical properties pH and conductivity of water change in a subtle way with energisation. In some tests the pH of acidic bidistilled water was raised towards the ‘normal’ region of pure water. These changes appear to be a direct result of the clustering of the molecules with energisation. 

An aspect that requires further investigation is the transformation of dissolved minerals into highly charged colloidal particles. There are indications that this transformation is taking place, which might explain why many people experience a reduction in the taste of chlorine and hardness after fitting a Vortex Energiser to their domestic water system. In terms of the toxicology of water this seems to suggest that, although chemicals are not actually eliminated, they might be transformed into a state in which they are less harmful to the human being. At any rate, drinking energised water strengthens the immune system and should make the body cope much better with the detrimental outside effects stemming from pollutants, chemicals and electromagnetic radiation.

Kinesiologically it has been shown that homeopathic and natural medicines are dramatically increased in their healing power by the Vortex Energiser.

Whereas ordinary lifeless tap water saps the energy field of organisms, tap water revived with the Vortex Energiser enhances and raises their overall energy field. This has been found to stimulate the organism’s self healing ability and immune system.

Many people have testified that water regains a remarkable natural quality and taste. 

The Vortex Energiser when attached to the domestic water inlet pipe, energises all the water in the house - instantly and constantly. There are no further maintenance requirements.

Application & Installation Of The Original 

Vortex Water Energiser

Attachment to heating and cooling systems

Before you fix the Vortex Energiser permanently to the water mains pipe, we recommend you first use it on all closed heating and cooling systems, such as the central heating, the fridge and the freezer. Because these are closed systems, permanent fixture of the Vortex Energiser is not necessary. Before you fix the Vortex Energiser permanently to the water mains pipe, we recommend you first use it on all closed heating and cooling systems, such as the central heating, the fridge and the freezer. Because these are closed systems, permanent fixture of the Vortex Energiser is not necessary. 24 hours is usually sufficient to transfer the energy permanently.

To energise the domestic central heating system lay the Vortex Energiser on the floor with the apex pointing at and touching a pipe coming down from one of the radiators. Leave the Vortex Energiser in this position for 24 hours, preferably with the heating on. This will ensure that the energy is taken on by the whole system. 

You may now like to do the same with your fridge and freezer. All food contains water and will benefit from being energised. This has shown to improve the taste and prolong the life of food and drinks. Simply put the Vortex Energiser in the fridge for 24 hours to transfer the energy to food stored within the fridge and to the cooling system. The energised cooling system will ensure that new food coming into the fridge will be energised even after the Vortex Energiser has been removed. You may also leave the Vortex Energiser touching one of the cooling pipes coming from the compressor for 24 hours. 

You may carry out the same procedure with your car’s cooling system or even submerge the Vortex Energiser in your garden pond or swimming pool. An energised car cooling system transfers life force into the car cabin via the heat exchanger.

Attachment to main water supply pipe

After you have dealt with the closed heating and cooling systems we recommend that you attach the Vortex Energiser permanently to your drinking water system. You need the Vortex Energiser here at all times to ensure that new incoming water becomes energised. For maximum efficiency the Vortex Energiser needs to be fixed to the main pipe in such a way that its apex is in direct contact with the pipe. A convenient and simple way is shown in the drawing. The two straps provided are used to tie the apex and the top winding of the Vortex Energiser to the pipe. After you have dealt with the closed heating and cooling systems we recommend that you attach the Vortex Energiser permanently to your drinking water system. You need the Vortex Energiser here at all times to ensure that new incoming water becomes energised. For maximum efficiency the Vortex Energiser needs to be fixed to the main pipe in such a way that its apex is in direct contact with the pipe. A convenient and simple way is shown in the drawing. The two straps provided are used to tie the apex and the top winding of the Vortex Energiser to the pipe.

This method of attachment works equally well for vertical and horizontal pipes. If this method of attachment doesn’t work in your situation, having the apex of the Vortex Energiser touching the pipe as in the drawing on the previous page will work equally well.

In some types of accommodation, there may be more than one mains water supply pipe and pipes may be less accessible. In this case the Vortex Energiser can be placed in a position near the taps. In a bathroom for instance, water flowing into the sink, bath tub or shower takes on the energy from one centrally suspended Vortex Energiser. However, if energised water is required in the kitchen as well as bathroom, another Vortex Energiser will have to be installed.

The applications of the Vortex Energiser seem to be endless. So many uses can be found in the house, garden, office and in industrial applications. We invite you to experiment with the Vortex Energiser for yourselves.

Electromagnetic Pollution

Our planet is enveloped by natural electric and magnetic fields, which are in dynamic and rhythmic harmony with the cosmos. These natural fields are of great importance to life. It therefore seems logical that the human brain should vibrate to the same electric frequency pattern as the Schumann Waves of the Earth’s natural electric field.

Humans, animals and insects are able to perceive minute variations in these fields. The pineal gland, an important regulatory organ of the human body, reacts to differences in the magnetic field strength to a theoretical minimum of 0.24 nanotesla (this is 200,000 times lower than the natural Earth magnetism). By comparison, a single wire with three 100W light bulbs will set up a magnetic field of 1 nanotesla at a distance of 200m. Very close to the wire it will be about 4 times stronger than the Earth’s natural magnetic field (Hall, 1997).

Since the electrification and development of the global power and communication grid we live not only in the natural beneficial fields but also in the man-made harmful electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. These man-made unnatural fields are to be considered as invisible environmental pollution. They stem from radio and TV transmitters, high voltage pylons and cables, and all electric appliances and wiring in industry and in the home. 

Particularly harmful in the home are the radiations coming off TVs, computers and mobile phones. We are exposed to these fields and radiations permanently. Medical studies increasingly link diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s with these unnatural electromagnetic radiations (Gamble, 1998). Even symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, depression, frequent colds, hyperactivity in children, sleep disturbances, irritability etc. could be signs of electromagnetic stress (Hall, 1997).

The EMF and Personal Harmoniser

At CIR we have realised that shielding from electromagnetic fields and radiations is impractical because they are everywhere around us and very difficult to block entirely. We have therefore adopted the approach of counteracting these damaging radiations by strengthening beneficial energy within us and our near environment. Our products strengthen and protect the immune system, reducing the effects of interference. They are reducing electromagnetic stress.
EMF Harmoniser The EMF Harmoniser (12cm height, 11cm greatest diameter), which is a smaller version of the Vortex Energiser, has been developed to counteract these unnatural EMF’s and has been attractively designed for use on the main EMF emitting appliances such as computers, TV’s, microwave ovens, etc. 

Despite their specific application, what has already been written about the Vortex Energiser also applies to the EMF and Personal Harmonisers, because they all contain the same imploded water.
Personal Harmoniser The Personal Harmoniser is a flat twin spiral and contains, like all Vortex Energisers, highly energised imploded water. Its small size (only 5cm length, 2.5cm width) makes it easy to carry in your pocket or wallet and use it wherever you are.

It will then enhance your natural defences against the damaging radiations coming from radio, TV and mobile phone transmitters which fill our living environment. It can also be slipped into the cases of mobile phones, which are a serious danger to our health, and be used generally to energise food and drinks anywhere.

Many people have reported that the Personal Harmoniser, when placed on affected areas of the body, relieves pain and speeds up the healing process.

The design of the Personal Harmoniser is based on 5500 year old Neolithic rock carvings at New Grange in Ireland.

The Effects Of The Personal Harmoniser On The Human Immune System

In December 1998 the Coghill Research Laboratories in Wales tested the effects of the Personal Harmoniser on the viability of lymphocytes in vitro.

Lymphocytes, which are the white blood corpuscles produced in lymphatic tissue, play a very important role in fighting infection and diseases such as cancer. Lymphocytes are easily damaged by unnatural EMF’s and especially by microwave radiations, which are used for the mobile phone communications system.

The standard scientific tests have shown that the number and viability (capability of living) of lymphocytes remained much more viable in samples which were energised with the Personal Harmoniser. This confirms that the Personal Harmoniser has a beneficial and strengthening effect on the human immune system.

Further tests investigated the effects of mobile phone radiation on samples energised with the Personal Harmoniser. These tests showed that the viability and number of lymphocytes in energised samples were significantly higher to those in non-energised samples. This confirms that the Personal Harmoniser has a protective effect on the immune system

Because all our products function in the same manner and contain the same imploded water, these results can be expected to be similar for the Vortex Energiser as well as the EMF Harmoniser.

How to use the Personal Harmoniser

There are many ways you can use your Personal Personal Harmoniser. Below are just a few examples:

Personal protection from electromagnetic pollution

Wear the Personal Harmoniser anywhere on your person. Any pocket or in your wallet/purse will be fine. Direct skin contact is not necessary. You could also wear it around your neck by means of a chain or cord which is inserted through one of the two central holes of the Personal Harmoniser.

Mobile phone protection

Follow above guidelines or slide Personal Harmoniser into carry case behind mobile phone. You could also stick it to the back of the phone using an adhesive pad (normally used for sticking mirrors to walls).

Further personal uses

Many customers have reported that the Personal Harmoniser, when placed on affected parts of the body, will stimulate the healing process and relieve pain. People with back pains and arthritis/rheumatism have successfully used tape and bandage to keep the Personal Harmoniser in place. Experiment to find the way that suits you best. Placed on the throat over night it seems to improve catarrh.

Energising food and water

Placing the Personal Harmoniser next to any water container will cause the water inside to become energised. 10 liters of water will be energised within 5 minutes, a jug of water within one minute. However, leave the water standing for a further 15 minutes before consumption, in order for the energisation to have a physical effect, i.e. improve taste.

Energise food in the same manner. For example place the Personal Harmoniser underneath or beside your fruit bowl for about 5 minutes.

Energising your fridge

This is a very easy and elegant way to ensure that your food is energised. Just place your Personal Harmoniser anywhere in the fridge for a few days. This should be long enough, although some people like to keep one in permanently. We have testimonies from delicatessen shops and private customers confirming that milk and vegetables last longer when energised. Some have reported that the taste of wines and beers improves, too.

These are just some uses of the Personal Personal Harmoniser. Please experiment for yourselves and do let us know what kind of results you get.

Beware of cheap imitations. Similar looking products are not the same. At CIR we have developed a specific implosional process to energise the water used in our products, which guarantees their efficacy.

All Vortex Energisers and Harmonisers are individually hand made at the Centre for Implosion Research
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