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Image The Ultra CES instrument delivers a precision waveform at 100 Hz which is the frequency that all the clinical research was done originally in the medical literature.

Many units on the market are using other frequencies like 111 Hz which was originally used simply to sidestep the patented range of 100 Hz +/- 10%.
These patents have since expired yet other manufacturers have not caught up with the fact that better results seem to be achieved and better comfort when using the originally perfected frequency (100 Hz).

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee


The Ultra CES instrument is sold for research purposes only.

Has been shown to:

  • Reduce Tension
  • Elevate Mood
  • Normalize Sleep Patterns
  • No Negative Side Affects
  • Compact, Portable, and Easy To Use
  • A Fraction of the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Eric Braverman, M.D., Author of The Edge Effect says this about CES:


"CES is the doorway to good health. It works as an important adjunct in programs invoking nutrients, hormones, and medications. Its multiplicity of health benefits include: induction of relaxation response; exertion of control over frontal lobe behavior and modulating hormone levels...When amino acid supplementation is coupled with CES therapy, this combination is a potentially potent therapeutic regimen for anti-aging."


Here's Some of The Areas Where CES Has Been Shown To Be Effective:

Stress Management

Job-Related Difficulties Psychiatrists/Psychologists
Psychoanalysis Medical Doctors
Counseling Employment Assistance
Phobic Desensitization Dentists
Biofeedback Adjunct Specific High Stress Occupations and Law Enforcement Agencies

Sport Medicine
Pain Control Athletic Teams
Peak Performance Sport Medicine Clinics
Pre-Competitive Anxiety Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Pain Control
Pre-surgery Pain Centers
Post-Surgery Medical Doctors
Treatment of Stress Related Pain Hospitals, Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Drug & Alcohol Treatment
Detoxification Medical Doctors
Withdrawal Treatment Centers
Relapse Prevention Out-Patient Programs, Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Compulsive Disorders
Smoking Smoking Cessation Centers
Eating Weight Loss Clinics, Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Sleep Disorders
All categories Hospitals, Sleep Clinics, Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Headache Management
All categories Headache Clinics, Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Learning Disabilities
Attention Deficit Medical Doctors, Pediatricians
Hyperactivity Psychiatrists/Psychologists

Depression Nursing Homes
Anxiety Retirement Centers
Hyperactivity Medical Doctors
Dementia Psychiatrists/Psychologists


The complete Ultra CES kit is available for only $349.

This is the lowest price for any comparable CES unit on the market. The unit is built both to demanding specifications and for ease of use and carries with it a one year warranty on parts and labor.


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