Get Deeper, More Restful Sleep...


 With This Easy To Use Magnetic Device

The Earth Pulse simulates the earth's natural magnetic field and makes your bed feel like you are sleeping in the wilderness. Check it out and get deeper sleep the easy way ...

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Far Infrared Sauna with Superior Carbon Heaters

Why does it matter what heaters your Far Infrared Sauna uses? Fact is, most infrared sauna heaters use metal in the heating element - this CANNOT match the heat signature of your carbon based cellular structure!

Our unique zirconium carbon heaters emit a precise FAR INFRARED signature that closely matches the heat your body emits naturally. Matching your heat signature means that it can help slowly heat your body from the inside out - more like you get when working out rather than in an ordinary sauna! Click here to learn more..

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Portable Far Infrared Sauna w/Active Carbon Fibers

Portable FIR Sauna Solution

The Rainbow is designed to suit various postures with its lightweight and self-standing dome design. It can be your personalized heat therapist. You can take it anywhere. Enjoy the powerful active carbon fiber far-infrared therapy anytime,anywhere.

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Most Vital Ingredient For Good Health

It's quite surprising that this is still a big secret and that most folks are going at this all wrong...

Are You Missing the Most Important Ingredient for Optimum Health?

All of us, regardless of age, want to feel better, look better and get more out of life. Whether you are in reasonably good health and just looking to lose some weight and tone up or whether you are battling a health condition and under a physician’s care, chances are you’re still looking..

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The Silver Pulser

zbb5_sm.jpg The Silver Pulser is basically the standard in Xxx Xxxx type low frequency pulsers.

It was developed way back when Xxx Xxxx had first released his information to the world and has been through numerous improvements over the years.

Sorry this had to be censored...

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Lightworks LED Therapy Instrument

These units are finally available after months of waiting!


We back this unit with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee which you won't find from other suppliers. Why do I do this? Simply because I choose my products carefully and I know you will be satisified.

Light therapy is something that has been proven by reputable organizations like..

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Tri-Field EMF Meter Standard

AC gaussmeter, electric field meter, RF field strength meter combined in one electromagnetic instrument.
The TriField Meter (and BroadBand TriField Meter)
An excellent tool for electricians or those curious about EMF fields.


This meter reads AC fields, such as from power lines.
The original TriField ® Meter combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields.

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Wellness Water EZmaintain Shower Filter

shower-small.png With the wellness filter you get reliable water purification and water vitalization all in one simple unit. The special design allows you to easily turn the unit to reverse the flow. This backflush feature clears residue in the filter and extends the life of the filter. It's best to backflush at least once per week for best performance and even more frequently if you have a large family or take lots of showers.

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Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone

Flanagan's Neurophone allows you to hear through alternate pathways to the brain. This remarkable technology is in it's eighth generation since Patrick invented this at the age of 13 in the 1950's.

The particular model shown here allows you to connect any audio source to it and "listen" to the audio, not directly through your ears, but through alternative pathways into your brain.

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Quantron Resonance System - QRS

Discover What This Advanced Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Can Do For You!


Reach Beyond Standard Magnets: Over 14 years of scientific research in Germany brings you a method of simply relaxing on a mat of pulsating magnetic frequencies to bring about energetic balance in your cells.

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Qi Gong Energetic Massager

Infrasound is vibrations below the audible frequency range. Humans normally can hear as low as 20 Hertz so below 20 Hertz is considered the "Infrasonic" range.

The Qi Gong Massager was actually modeled after research done in China which found that hands on healers such as Reiki Masters and Qi Gong Practitioners we actually broadcasting low frequency energy..

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Scenar Biofeedback skin impedence research instrument from Russia helps jump start our own healing energy! The new instruments are in.

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Health Audio Books
Health Audio Books
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1 Kids Sports Enhancement: Winning the Mind Game! Ice Hockey 3437
2 Harmful Habit Series: Stop Lip Biting 3938
3 Diet Code, The 3315
4 How to Reduce Financial Stress 3558
5 MindBody Health Audio Series: Managing Pancreatic Oncology 3901
6 Learn Interactive Self-Hypnosis Series: Deepening Trance States 3235
7 Mastering the Zone 3224
8 How Healthy Soils Produce Healthful Foods 3390
9 Our Relationship with Water 3512
10 Ultra-Metabolism 3639
11 Sports Enhancement Series: Winning the Mind Game - Distance Running Performance 2956
12 Harvest For Hope 3985
13 Julie And Julia 4004
14 Sports Enhancement Series: Winning the Mind Game - Tennis Performance 3077
15 Beyond Disorderly Eating Series: Losing Weight with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis 3012
16 Deep Relaxation 3515
17 Healing Light Visualisation 3916
18 A Guide To Hypnosis 3934
19 Kids Sports Enhancement: Winning the Mind Game - Archery Performance 3181
20 Kids Sports Enhancement Series: Winning the Mind Game - Long Distance Running Performance 2880
21 Beyond Disorderly Eating Series: Managing Compulsive Eating with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis 2834
22 Managing Disorderly Eating 3272
23 Kids Sports Enhancement Series: Winning the Mind Game - Golf Performance 2802
24 Delta Sleep System 3129
25 Success & Happiness 3011
26 Optimum Mind Performance Series: Affirmations for Becoming & Staying Positive 3067
27 Beyond Disorderly Eating Series: Enhancing Discipline for Weight Management with Original Interactiv 2705
28 Book of Virtues: Part II 3052
29 Healing Addiction Series: Reducing Alcohol 2976
30 A Guide To Dream Interpretation 3109
31 MindBody Health Audio Series: Managing Bruxism 3311
32 Kids Optimum Mind Performance Series: Homework Hurdles 2975
33 The Hidden Dangers of Sugar 3282
34 3-Hour Diet, The 3066
35 Optimum Mind & Body Performance Series: Mental Biofeedback & Focus Tools 3012
36 Forget Your Fear or Phobia: Fear of Heights 2847
37 Healing Addictions Series: Alcohol Cessation 3348
38 Beyond Disorderly Eating Series: Managing Salty Cravings 2874
39 MindBody Health Audio Series: Deep Relaxation 3536
40 MindBody Health Audio Series: Preparing for Surgery 3680
41 Look Great, Feel Great 3075
42 Beyond Disorderly Eating Series: Managing Night Eating with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis 2763
43 MindBody Health Audio Series: Managing Fibromyalgia 2831
44 Healing Addiction Series: Managing Gambling 2819
45 Yoga Stretch for Fitness 2964
46 A Guide To Losing Weight 3945
47 Relaxation 3047
48 Perricone Prescription, The 3239
49 A Guide To Anti Aging - Part 1 (Free) 3261
50 Secrets of the Grain Free Gourmet 3797
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