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What Is Infrasonic Therapy?

Infrasound is vibrations below the audible frequency range. Humans normally can hear as low as 20 Hertz so below 20 Hertz is considered the "Infrasonic" range.

The Qi Gong Massager was actually modeled after research done in China which found that hands on healers such as Reiki Masters and Qi Gong Practitioners we actually broadcasting low frequency energy waves from their hands. These waves were found to be in this "Infrasonic" frequency range (below audible range)

The unique thing about the waves that these Chinese researchers noticed was that the freqeuncies were not sequential. They were all in a certain range of frequencies generally between 8 and 14 Hertz but within this range they would bounce around.


It seems that this was especially important because random frequencies like this make it difficult for the body to block out the signal.


The Qi Gong Massager was designed to mimic these low frequency random pulsations of infrasonic waves. Our Qi Gong Massager is made by the original Chinese manufacturer unlike some more expensive knockoffs who seem to only have profit in mind. This manufacturer handles approximately 80% of the sales of Qi Gong Massagers in China where these systems a quite popular.


These instruments are also cleared by the FDA for temporary relief of pain and localized temporary increase in circulation.


The Holiday special has ended because our stock ran out but if you place your order now you can get this holiday special discount and your unit will be shipped in mid January.

Qi Gong Massager

Combining Ancient Chinese Energy Work With Modern Technology .

What is a Qi Gong Massager and How Will It Help You Increase Your Circulation and Relieve Pain You've Been Having?

The Qi Gong Massager was developed in China when researchers found scientific proof that hands on healing really had a physical affect. The innovation which was discovered was that actual frequencies were emanating from the hands of such healers and projected into the body of the client. Based on the frequency that was measured it is speculated that this energy is simply transferred from earth vibrations.

Earth Vibrations In "Controlled" Broadcast...

The Schumann resonance was named after the man who discovered that the cavity between the charged upper atmosphere (ionosphere) and the earth's charged surface resonated in a very specific low frequency range. Qi Gong and Reiki healers are able to carry these frequencies through their body and direct them to their clients to help with energetic balancing, etc.

A New Form of "Sound" Healing

You can naturally hear sounds in the range from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. A frequency above this range is thus called "Ultra-Sonic" an wave. You may have heard of ultra-sonic technology for imaging of pregnant women to determine the sex of their unborn child. There are also ultra-sonic cleaning devices. On the other hand you may not have heard of "Infra-Sonic" waves. Infra-Sonic waves are waves with frequencies below the normal audible range of 20 Hz. This is the range of frequencies that were found to be emitted from the hands of Qi Gong and Reiki Masters.

The Qi Gong Massager

So these Chinese researchers went on to figure out a way to replicate the energy that was measured to emanate from the hands of healers. The frequency range was in the 8 to 14 Hz range but the unique thing about it was that the frequencies were non-sequential. They bounced around in a random sort of pattern.

Why Random Frequencies?

The human body has a unique ability to attune itself to energies in it's immediate surrounding. This seems to be a protective mechanism - if harmful energy is nearby your body will attune itself to block out this energy. The random frequencies however prevent your body from blocking out the healing energy. This allows the low frequencies to penetrate and help bring about energetic balance and unclog stagnant energy in your body. These instruments are FDA classified for temporary pain relief and temporary increased circulation. Codes are available for practitioners who wish to use these instruments in their practice.

Qi Gong Massager Models

Qi Gong Professional Deluxe Massager
Qi Gong Professional Basic Massager
Qi Gong "Sit Down" Deluxe Home Model
Qi Gong "Sit Down" Basic Home Model

All units come with a solid 2 year parts and labor warranty and a no-hassle 30 day satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If you find that you are not happy with your Qi Gong Massager for whatever reason you can return it with "no questions asked" and get a refund.