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The Medithera offers practitioners low-intensity fields to treat illness and imbalance in a subtle and controlled manner.
  • Enter and store patient data
  • 11 Wellness programs, 82 specific health conditions
  • Ability to write treatment programs onto Therapy card for Medithera Home system
  • Intensity levels 0.15 to 150 MicroTesla

Medical professionals are becoming more and more interested in ‘energy’ medicine and specifically magnetic field treatment to enhance health and healing. The Medithera Home system is a relatively low investment (around $3,000) for your clinic/practice since it is durable and easy to operate and maintain. In many cases, patients want to take it home to experience the full benefits of daily treatments. To accommodate this, we have rental and referral programs in place.

While the Medithera Home system is equipped with 3 programs (Nature, Active, and Relax), the Medithera Professional system has a total of 11 wellness programs that addresses 82 health conditions. You also have some extra ‘power’ on hand since the Medithera Professional system boosts out twice the maximum intensities of the Medithera Home system.

The Medithera Professional system allows you to enter and store patient information. When you enter information such as age, weight, gender, and blood pressure, the control unit will calculate the optimum treatment intensity and treatment time. These individual treatment programs can be recalled and run in your practice, though you also have the option to store the treatment information on a Therapy Card which the patient may run at home on their Medithera Home system. These cards can store up to 250 treatment cycles.

Medithera as a Complementary Treatment

In clinical applications, the Medithera is generally used alongside other modalities to enhance their effects. For example, a Medithera treatment right before acupuncture has proven to be very effective. By treating the body with PEMFs first, the body becomes highly receptive to the acupuncture therapy, which will result in a stronger, quicker, longer-lasting overall effect on the body.

Due to the low level frequency of the Medithera signal, it is also optimally used with lasers. Lasers have a high intensity, very focused beam that is primarily used for local area application. Unlike high frequency lasers, the Medithera has a wider area of treatment and will emit low frequencies that can penetrate sensitive areas such as the eyes and brain.

The Medithera has also been used with infrared treatment. The high frequencies in infrared may lose signal strength by interacting with tissue fluids. The Medithera’s low frequencies penetrate the body completely without loss of signal. Some doctors recommend the use of the Medithera after an infrared treatment to prolong the effects and fully penetrate the body post-treatment.

The unique, patented technology of the Medithera allows for versatility in combining modality treatments. If you are a medical professional looking for information on using the Medithera in your practice, please click here.

Learn more about the Medithera

For practitioners who want to learn more about the effectiveness of PEMFs and be on the cutting edge of medicine, there are opportunities to be trained on the Medithera and pulsed electromagnetic fields in general. We offer webinars and conference calls by a national authority on the applications of electromagnetic therapy in the USA. You will have the chance to learn about the Medithera as well as ask questions. Please contact us - Our toll free number is 1-866-747-7447.