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Medithera pulsed magnetic field stimulation: Closest to nature.

The Medithera is an innovative health and wellness system that is designed for both home and clinical use. Over the last 2 decades, pulsed magnetic fields have been greatly improved with treatment systems offered by various manufacturers. Developed by German scientists, Medithera sets the new standard with its uniquely defined, highly effective signal.

  • Best price, highest quality choice currently on the US market
  • Newly and uniquely designed PEMF signal that mimics physiological signals
  • Critical frequencies around 50Hertz (so called “Electro Smog”) are filtered out
  • Safe for home and professional use
  • No harmful side effects

Medithera creates a resonance/vibration similar to those of the body’s own cells. Unlike other PEMF devices, it does not force artificial frequencies onto the body. The Medithera magnetic fields restore cell functioning and penetrate the whole body, reinforcing functional cycles in a natural way. This allows the body to recover its self-healing capabilities, thus protecting your health and improving your wellness and performance.

For 2011, there is a newly-designed Medithera Home system that is ideal for home-use. Medical professionals find great results with the Medithera Home system in their practices, but they also have the option to use the more versatile and stronger Medithera Professional system.

Home Use Professional Use Instructional Video

The Medithera Home system is designed for home use and self-care.

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The Medithera Professional system is more powerful and has more program options.

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Watch how easy it is to set up and program your daily 8-minute pulsed magnetic field treatments.

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