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Discover the path to cellular health with pulsed magnetic field stimulation.

The Medithera Home system is designed for home use and self-care. Safe and gentle, an overdose is not possible, but we recommend using the Medithera maximum of 30 minutes two to three times a day, as the benefits of each session lasts 6 to 8 hours.

  • Latest technology, PEMF signal is closest to nature/li>
  • Simple to use, only 2-3 short treatments a day
  • Safe for home use, no harmfull side effects
  • NEW power card for higher intensities

The Medithera Home system consists of a control unit, treatment applicator mat and small applicator pad. There is also an optional pen applicator for treatment of acupuncture points and small joints, like the elbow, fingers, jaw, nose, etc.

Medithera is quick and easy to use. Simply place the lightweight mat applicator on a carpet, couch or bed. It is not necessary to remove clothing or jewelry before using the Medithera. It is recommended to drink water or herbal tea before or after treatment. Simply lie down on the large mat applicator and select the program you want to use. If necessary, place the small pad applicator on the area of your body that needs additional, localized treatment. This can be done before or after a full body treatment on the large mat.

The control unit has 3 wellness programs: Nature, Active, and Relax. While running a treatment program, the control unit sends a low voltage signal (12 volts) to the mat, which translates the signal through a set of copper coils into a pulsating magnetic field. This magnetic field penetrates the body in a very subtle way.

The 3 programs (TP1, TP2, TP3) can all be set to a specific treatment time (1-59 min.) and intensity level (0.75 – 75 Microtesla), in order to fit your individual needs. Your Medithera consultant will guide you in choosing the best program settings for your needs