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ImagePulsed Magnetic Therapy takes the idea of magnetic energy to another level - and I really mean that...

When magnetic field "moves" in proximity to a conductor a current flow is induced in the conductor. A pulsing magnetic field means that the field is repeatedly building and collapsing at a specific rate or frequency.

With the Bemer 3000 system this pulsation is delivered with a very complex waveform. This waveform is designed to deliver a wide span of frequencies that activate metabolism and essentially simulate exercise movement on a micro level.

You have many conductive pathways in your body and when you relax on the Bemer 3000 pad your conductive pathways are activated. You'll find your energy flow will open up and when you use it frequently you'll notice a lot of benefits which have proven this technology as a certified medical instrument in Europe while here the Bemer 3000 is only available for fitness and exercise use.

Discover What Advanced Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Can Do For You. It quickly (in as little as 8 minutes) gives your cells the energy they need to perform all the normal metabolic processes that they otherwise may be struggling to do.

ImageThe Bemer 3000 system is the pulsed magnetic therapy system with the most clinical research behind it that proves it efficacy. You can read a huge amound of clinical studies about the Bemer if you are a technical sort - but if you are not you will be happy to know that this is also the easiest system to use that I have ever found. Seriously - we're talking two button operation!

Many of the other systems require programming different codes for different problems you may be experiencing - but the advanced (and patented) waveform that the Bemer uses gives you such a wide span of frequencies in the pulse it will resonate all the cells in your body in just minutes. These signals help regulate your metabolic processes directly.

Our system even allows you to add LED light to your pulsed magnetic therapy with the optional SLA LED Array. There's even a Veterinary model.

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