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The idea of water being the life blood of the earth was first explored by Viktor Schauberger late in the 19th century. He observed nature with an amazing insight which revealed things that seemed to violate much scientific dogma. As we press on into the 21st century and it becomes clear that scientific credibility can be very different than it first appears. Money unfortunately influences scientific studies and therefore public perception of what is science.

Water molecules are in constant motion. Their movement with respect to each other is their resonance. Schauberger was the first person in our modern civilization to realize how sensitve water is to energetic influence. This means that very quiet sounds and other frequencies will change the resonance or tone of the water.

Water is more than it appears.

This is quite clear to anyone who studies the historical work of Viktor Schauberger and related work.

Now we can use the Vortex Science of Viktor Schauberger to make our water much more active and alive. There are many different ways to do this. This page will be updated soon.