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It's quite surprising that this is still a big secret and that most folks are going at this all wrong...

Are You Missing the Most Important Ingredient for Optimum Health?

All of us, regardless of age, want to feel better, look better and get more out of life. Whether you are in reasonably good health and just looking to lose some weight and tone up or whether you are battling a health condition and under a physician’s care, chances are you’re still looking for that magic missing formula for optimum health. It is no wonder that American’s spend more than $30 billion a year on nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathics and the like. Provided you take them in the right combination and dosage, some of these supplements can make a genuine difference in the way you feel, perform and function, and can even assist the body in fighting disease and serious health conditions. However, it may surprise you to know that there is a special ingredient that must be taken in just the right way and proportion or you are absolutely assured of failing to achieve your full personal health objective. This special ingredient can absolutely reduce the risk of certain cancers like colon, breast, bladder and kidney cancer. It boosts mental performance, helps the body recover from physical injuries and aids in the detoxification of the body. It also aids in weight loss, improves digestion and can even improve sexual performance. Despite doctors and scientists telling us about its importance for years, its essential role in our health is so overlooked and under appreciated, that it has truly become the forgotten secret of health.

"What is it?" you ask. Well believe it or not, its water. Next to the air that we breathe, it is the most important substance we will ever put into our bodies. If this is surprising, consider the following. We are water-based biochemical engines that cannot function properly unless we are regularly supplied with an ample supply of water. Approximately 75% of our body weight is water and water makes up over 80% of our brain and 90% of our blood. Water affects every major function in our body including regulating our body temperature, cushioning our joints, controlling the metabolic rate of our biochemical reactions (e.g., fat burning, digestion, and blood sugar regulation), transportation of nutrients and oxygen to our cells, and the removal of the body’s wastes. While all doctors agree that water is the most important ingredient in one’s diet, doctors and researchers have begun to discover that water can actually be used to treat and moderate certain chronic health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, migraine headaches, hypertension, and heart disease. The treatment is so simple that most discount it because of our society’s orientation towards pharmaceutical intervention. However, it would amaze most people that they could achieve that better health condition they are seeking by just increasing the amount of water they drink, the kind of water they drink and the way they drink it.

Most health practitioners agree that we should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of good clean water per day and then add additional water based on our level of activity (i.e., physically active people and athletes should drink at least an additional quart of water per day). The rule of thumb is that if you wait until you are thirsty, you have waited too long. Just like we add gas and oil to our cars, it is important to replenish the body with water as it is being consumed. Unfortunately, as we get older our sense of thirst diminishes even though our need for water stays the same. The result is a steady, unconscious decline in our water intake and an acceleration of the aging process.

While the amount and frequency of our water intake is essential to good health so is the quality of the water we drink. Americans pride themselves with having a safe supply of water from every tap but the facts would indicate otherwise. The availability of clean, safe water is rapidly diminishing. In January 2000, Sixty Minutes, the television journalism program, reported that as many as 100 million Americans may be drinking water containing MTBE, a toxic gasoline additive that has been leaching into our groundwater table since 1992. MTBE is toxic at levels of only 10 parts per billion and our local water treatment plants are helpless to remove it. In addition, the US Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) has reported that virtually every source of surface water (i.e. lakes, rivers, etc.) is contaminated with organics and that the disinfection of these waters with chlorine is producing a host of toxic chemicals that are directly linked with increased rates of cancer. The EPA acknowledges that the regular consumption of chlorinated surface water will increase the probability of cancer by at least 93% in one’s lifetime. Many have turned to bottled water, but bottled water may not be the safe haven we would like to think. Recent tests showed that over one third of all bottled water brands in the US failed to meet minimum tap water standards. In addition, these same plastic bottles contain toxic plasticizers that can leach into the supposedly pure water that they contain after only a few weeks on your grocer’s shelf. Even if you find really high quality bottled water, are you also going to bath or shower in it? If you think that’s a joke, consider the inherent risks associated with bathing. Did you to know that your skin and lungs can absorb as much as 600% more contaminants in a 10-minute hot shower than from drinking the same water all day long?

So what is the best solution to the health conscious consumer? Some would say to drink the absolute purest water available. Systems like distillation and reverse osmosis, which remove virtually all suspended and dissolved solids, have become popular because of the ultra-purity of the water they produce. Unfortunately, many advocates are unaware that ultra pure water is not the best for regular consumption and that it can carry its own long-term health risk. The reason for this is a characteristic of water often called the “stability index.” This index indicates how stable water is in relation to the chemicals and minerals in its immediate environment. Water naturally seeks to achieve a zero or neutral index. If water has a positive index, it will tend to release or precipitate minerals that are dissolved in it, which is what leads to the deposition of scale in pipes or hot water heaters. Water that is on the negative side of the index is aggressive and prone to dissolving minerals and metals from its immediate environment. We see evidence of such water when it corrodes water pipes or produces rust. The more negative the index, the more aggressive the water is. Water produced from distillation and reverse osmosis has an extremely negative stability index. When you drink small quantities of this water for short periods of time, it has the special property of being able to absorb toxic substances in the body and remove them. This detoxification is good for the body and aids it in recovering from long-term exposure to certain contaminants. However, exclusive long-term consumption of ultra-pure, demineralized water can strip the body of magnesium, calcium and precious trace minerals. The more the mineral loss, the greater the risk of osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases generally associated with premature aging.

So where do you turn if you want safe, healthy water in both your drinking water and in the bath? Health institutes, doctors, sports and fitness centers and clinics are now recommending an amazing water purification system from Japan called the Wellness Filter®. It has been shown to remove an extraordinary range of contaminants, including chlorination byproducts, MTBE, chlorine, chloramines, radioactive contaminants, pesticides, cysts and heavy metals. This system yields very high quality water without removing the minerals.

As amazing as the system’s performance is, its ability to enhance water takes it beyond the reach of conventional water purification systems. At the heart of its enhancement ability is an array of permanent, exotic media that until recently have not been seen outside of Japan. After the water is purified, these media induce into the water a unique combination of water-soluble trace minerals and ions that Japanese researchers believe aid the body’s biochemical functions and cellular health. In addition, the filter also contains a special far-infrared emitting ceramic media, which imparts reduced ions into the water. These ions provide a mild antioxidant effect in the body when consumed and on the skin when bathing. This aids the body in neutralizing free radicals, which are believed to be a primary factor in aging and in the development of cancer.

The Wellness Filter has also been shown to increase the rate of hydration of skin and tissue. It also increases the solubility of the water and the speed with which it transports dissolved nutrients into the bloodstream. Users have reported a noticeable increase in energy, improved digestion, natural waste elimination, and easier weight management. If you are conscientious about taking nutritional supplements, you will enjoy the enhancement that this water will deliver.

Because of its ability to purify as well as enhance water, the Japanese Ministry of Health now uses the filter in over 100 of its hospitals. Japanese doctors routinely prescribe the filter to their patients for general good health and to aid the body in fighting specific chronic conditions. Japanese life insurance companies have also recognized its unique qualities and now offer reimbursement programs for the filter when a patient gets a prescription from his doctor (the only filtration system ever granted this insurance status). In 1995, the Chinese government conducted an international competition of water purification systems and chose the Wellness Filter® as number one in the world. Later in 1999, it became the first water filter to be exhibited in the prestigious Smithsonian Institute. Although new to America, several well known US institutions have already tested and now endorse the Wellness Filter®. The Hippocrates Health Institute, the number-one rated medical spa in the world, has moved away from its 20-year tradition of using only distilled water and now exclusively uses Wellness Filter® water and recommends it to their patients. The Gainesville Health & Fitness Center, recently chosen the number-one-rated health and fitness club in the world, has equipped their 20,000-member club with the filter because of its unique hydration and sports performance abilities.



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The first step to create healthy water is to cleanse it of unwanted impurities. The Wellness process uses a variety of filtration media to achieve this and, unlike reverse osmosis or distillation, Wellness retains beneficial, acid buffering minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium.

These minerals are always found in natural springs and they are a key requirement for healthy water.

SPG Silica


The primary filtration medium is SPG Silica, a specially processed volcanic sand. In the Wellness Filter SPG plays a dual role as a protective barrier and as an active agent in the enhancement process. SPG has a micron rating that varies from 0.5 microns to 3 microns and is designed to:silica.jpg

  • Mechanically filter asbestos, dirt, rust, and sediment
  • Enhance water purity and taste

SPG is used in the Kitchen and Home systems only. It restricts flow rate too much to be utilized in the Shower and the enhancement effects are only used for drinking.

KDF 55 & 85

KDF® is a high-purity, granulated copper and zinc-based alloy that treats water based on the principle of REDOX (Oxidation-Reduction). KDF's induces an electro-chemical reaction in which electrons are transferred between molecules.

Many harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. Free chlorine is changed into chloride (salt). Heavy metals such as Copper, Lead and Mercury react and are more easily captured by carbon or silica. KDF enhances filtration performance by: kdf.jpg

  • Extending carbon life & reducing maintenance
  • Reducing many contaminants including chloramines and heavy metals


KDF's REDOX activity also creates an environment that’s deadly to some micro-organisms and interferes with the ability of others function. KDF is used in the Wellness Shower and Home systems only. Thanks to Wellness dual carbon stages it is not required in the S-III.

Organic Coconut and Activated Carbon

Carbon is the world's oldest filtration method known being recorded in both ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where it was used to remove basic contaminants, odors and to improve taste. Carbon is the perfect material for removing chlorine and other organic chemical compounds and comes in many different grades according to the contaminant needing to be removed. Wellness uses both Organic Coconut and Activated carbon to protect against a wide range of chemicals, often reducing them to non-detectable levels.

Some of the contaminants treated include:

  • Chlorineactivatedcarbon.jpg
  • Chloramines
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Tase and Odor
  • Heavy Metals


Additionally, the carbon used in the Wellness S-III cartridge has been tightly packed into a block with a rating of 1 micron absolute, allowing for effective Cyst & Asbestos treatment. Carbon is used in all Wellness systems. The type used varies for each application.


Wellness Enhancement - The Technology

Wellness enhancement technology was first introduced in the form of a consumer water purification system (the “Wellness Filter”) by Wellness’ founder, Haru Naito, over twenty years ago. This system has been acclaimed for its ability to induce into water certain unique properties that improve or enhance water’s already vital role in life. Specifically, the technology can be used to design water that exhibits the following properties:

  • Higher rates of transmissivity to make it more readily absorbable by humans, animals and plants
  • Reduced ions for a greatly improved and natural antioxidant effect
  • Higher Solubility, making water 'wetter'
  • Additional trace minerals that enhance cellular and biological function and stabilize pH
  • Natural resistance to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi
How does the Wellness process create healthier water

for you to enjoy at home?



Stage 1 - Magnetic Resonance Activation

The first sub-stage utilizes a patented magnetic induction stage that drops the surface tension of the water and increases the solubility. This process is also known as magnetic structuring of water and is well documented. This is the stage that significantly increases the transmissivity and solubility for the water.



The 'Resonant Activation' zone



Regular tap water


Wellness structured water

Water with an increased level of solubility is able to hold an increased level of dissolved substances in it or prevent existing dissolved solids from plating out (anti-scaling). The combined effect is a super-hydrating water that will accelerate its transport (and whatever is dissolved in it) through membranes into the body as well as out of the body.

Note: Wellness is currently conducting several clinical trials at Baylor University (considered one of the top medical & sports physiology colleges in the USA) to demonstrate the increased hydration, nutrient absorption, and cellular waste removal capabilities of Wellness Water versus Filtered Water. These tests should be concluded Fall 2006 and the results will be available online.


Stage 2 - Far-Infrared Antioxidants

The second sub-stage consists of a proprietary ceramic media that induces reduced or negative ions into the water. This material is classified as a Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic and is made of a proprietary blend of volcanic media. Far-Infrared Ceramics convert thermal or mechanical energy into far-infrared energy. Several manufacturers are now selling specialized therapeutic saunas in which the heat radiators are made of far-infrared ceramics. Wellness, however, uses these proprietary ceramics to ionize water that is placed into contact with the media.


Depending on the formula for the ingredients used to make the ceramic, the concentration of negative ions produced can be controlled within a specific range. This aids in the production of certain water properties for specific applications.


Stage 3 - Mineral Stabilization

The third stage incorporates rare igneous stones known as Bakuhan™ and Taicho. Bakuhan is the only mineral ever to be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as possessing natural medicinal qualities. These rocks elute into water certain trace minerals that have been shown to have a therapeutic effect on arthritis and circulation, and to accelerate the healing of burns. These minerals also fill the "buffering capacity" of water, creating an alkaline effect in your body. It is important to note that pH and alkalinity, while related, are not the same thing and your water's pH will vary depending on the mineral content of your source water.


Taicho™ stone is noted for inducing natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties into water. Wellness has tested the properties of these minerals in several agricultural applications and found that the water stimulates plant growth while retarding fungus. This effect is so significant that a hyper-enhanced version of Wellness Water is being used as the base for Mannatech's (MTEX:NYSE) Optimal Skin Care Line, The First Completely Preservative Free Skincare Product in the World! In this hyper-enhanced form the water is bactericidal instead of bacterio-static and is capable of killing harmful strains of bacteria without any of the side effects of natural or synthetic preservatives.


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The History Of Wellness Filter

The Wellness Filter® concept was developed in the 1980's thanks to the vision and talent of one extraordinary man, Harusuke Naito. Haru, a renowned Japanese sports physiologist and Olympic swimming coach, wanted to produce ”perfect water” for his professional athletic clients. Haru became interested in the emerging science of sports medicine, health and performance research and was an early proponent of ‘muscle memory’ training. His other fascination was with the health and vitality of certain peoples in geographically diverse parts of the world. He wondered how these groups enjoyed healthier and longer lives than people living in other regions and was fascinated with the reports of 'healing waters' located near these regions.

Haru believed that even subtle differences in water purity, surface tension and mineral content could affect body hydration, cellular function, and athletic performance. After extensive field research and study he began experimenting with various natural filtering media in an effort to produce the worlds best water.


"The cell is immortal. ...As far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever." Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Alexis Carrell



Healing Waters

Many of us will have heard of the fabled 'Fountain of Youth", a magical place where the water would free those who drank from it from aging and disease. There are many cases of natural healing attributed to the various healing springs around the world. From Lourdes and Chartres in France, Bath and Glastonbury in England through to even Cowra in southern New South Wales. Indeed the Cowra springs have been attributed with doubling the life and fertility averages of dairy cattle drinking from these waters.

However, there is another place where special water exists and where the effects of perfect water have been observed for many decades.

The Hunza Tribes

The Hunza people's in the mountains of Northern Pakistan are documented to be amongst the healthiest, longest lived peoples on earth. This culture has documented cases of men fathering children after the age of 100, whilst their average life span is close to 120 years of age. How is it that these people can live an average of 50 years longer than the rest of us?

Anthropologists have studied these people, their culture and diet for years trying to determine why and how they live so long. They eat simple diets of fresh wholesome foods (unprocessed) and yes, they do live stress-free lives. Most researchers looked at these things for the key to their longevity and these life styles most definitely help.

However, what some pioneering researchers, including Haru, came to realize was that that the fundamental basis to their health, vitality and longevity was the special water that they drink on a daily basis.

The Water Mystery

Haru decided to spend time living with the Hunza's and understanding the secrets of water. Before Haru left these regions he was invited to spend an afternoon with the Dalai Llama.

Finally , over the years, Haru’s system evolved. He carefully blended natural processes with scientific research, in order to create the ultimate water purifier. After several years of testing and experimentation, Mr. Naito introduced the Wellness Filter® to the Japanese market in 1984.

Agricultural Studies


06gladbulbs2.jpgTexas A & M Time Lapse Gladiolus Study - In 2005, Dr. Dwayne A. Suter, Professor Emeritus at Texas A & M University, conducted a comparative analysis on the effect of using Wellness Enhanced water versus filtered and tap water to grow gladiolus bulbs. The results were substantial, and the study was replicated in 2006 comparing Wellness Enhanced water to additional filtered and enhanced waters. To emphasize the difference of our water, Wellness took time-lapse photographs throughout the study and have compiled a video demonstrating the growth of each bulb.

Click for a copy of the 2005 study report.


Idaho Dairy Study - An independent dairy study was conducted over a 10-month period in Idaho using a 3000-head dairy farm. The dairy cows, which had been monitored carefully for production and health for several years, were switched from normal well water to well water treated by a special agricultural version of the Wellness Filter®. The water was not purified but only enhanced using Wellness’ proprietary technology. The daily milk production was monitored as was the somatic cell count in the milk (an indication of the general health of the cow - i.e., the higher the count the more infection the cow has). After the study was concluded, the herd's average daily milk production was seen to increase from 72 lbs/cow/day to 78 lbs/cow/day - a dramatic 8.3% increase. The somatic cell count also dropped from an average of 200,000 cells/cc to approximately 100,000 cells/cc - a very dramatic 50% reduction. See figure to the right. This study was repeated on four other dairies over a two year period with similar results.

Click here for a copy of the report.




potatoe_sh.jpgIdaho Potato Study - Potatoes in the US are generally harvested in September and October and stored in large enclosed buildings or bunkers. The potatoes are kept in the dark with their original dirt still on the skin and they are ventilated with 100% humidity air. The potatoes continue to live throughout the winter and spring and are extracted and delivered to the market as market needs require. Because of the highly moist and dark conditions, such potato facilities suffer high loses (12% to 25%) in potatoes due to mold, rot and fungus. A two-year study was conducted during which Wellness Filtered water was used to replace the well water that was normally sprayed into the ventilation system of a large potato storage facility (containing 12.5 million Idaho potatoes). A controlled facility of similar size was tested with ordinary well water immediately next to the test facility. Prior to the introduction of a special agricultural version of Wellness Filter® water, the fungal spore count in the facility was around 600,000 active spore counts/cubic foot. Two weeks after changing the source water to Wellness Filter Water, the count dropped 4,000 counts/cubic foot.. a 99.3% reduction. After one full year of monitoring and counting every damaged potato, the special Wellness system (marketed under the name of Agripurifier) was observed to reduce the fungal losses to less then 4% -- a significant drop. The losses in the controlled facility adjacent to the test facility were 20%.

Click here for a copy of the report.


Current Clinical Trials


eczema2.jpgEczema Remediation Trial

In Fall 2005 Wellness initiated its largest US trial to date, measuring the efficacy of the Wellness Shower for remediation of mild to moderate Eczema. The trial is a double-blind, placebo controlled study testing 40 south Florida subjects. Test subjects spend 8 weeks with a placebo filter and another 8 weeks with an active wellness Shower filter and the severity of their condition is monitored through numerous data points. The study is expected to conclude in Spring 2007. Wellness intends to submit the results of the study to the FDA for review and approvals in 2007.

Location: Miami Research Laboratories

Test Information: 40 Subject Double Blind Placebo Controlled Crossover Study

Estimated Completion: Spring 2007



active2.jpgSports Performance

In August 2006 Wellness Enterprises initiated a double-blind, placebo controlled, cross over clinical sports trial at Baylor University. The first part of the trials will take 30 test subjects and exercise them to exhaustion while drinking a controlled amount of Wellness or Filtered water. After an appropriate hiatus, all subjects will repeat the study with the alternative type of water they received the first time. Each subject will be measured for time to exhaustion, VO2 Max, serum lactate, heart rate, and blood pressure. The study is expected to be completed and results published by the end of the year.

Location: Baylor University, Center for Exercise, Nutrition, & Preventative Health Research (CENPHR)

Test Information: 30 Subject Double Blind Placebo Controlled Crossover Study

Estimated Completion: December 2006



bloodcell2.jpgCellular Detoxification

The second part of the Baylor University clinical sports trials will take the 30 test subjects that have been exercised to exhaustion and monitor the rate lactic acid is excreted out of their cells through serum lactate testing as they drink a controlled amount of Wellness water or Filtered water. The downward trends will be plotted, showing the rate of excretion of the contaminant (lactic acid) from the cells with each participant. This part of the study will also be double-blind, placebo controlled and cross over, i.e., all subjects will be tested with both Wellness water and plain filtered water.

Location: Baylor University, Center for Exercise, Nutrition, & Preventative Health Research (CENPHR)

Test Information: 30 Subject Double Blind Placebo Controlled Crossover Study

Estimated Completion: December 2006



bonedensity2.jpgBone Density

In Spring 2006, Wellness Enterprises accepted 30 test subjects who had been routinely consuming demineralized (reverse osmosis or distilled) water and glyconutrients for more than 1 year and who had been monitoring their Bone Density levels annually. Test subjects were switched to Wellness water. We will be monitoring their diet and exercise habits and measuring their Bone Density levels semi-annually to see if there is any statistically significant change attributable to the change from demineralized water to Wellness water.

Test Information: 30 Subject Pre-clinical, Open Study

Estimated Completion: May 2007



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Whole House Water Purification System



Disclaimer: The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA.
Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease
or health condition. No medical claims are being made or implied.


When choosing a water purification system one of the most important things to consider is the ease of changing replacement filters. If the filters are difficult to change you are more likely to delay changing it and drink water that is not up to par.

Of course you need to make sure the filter does what it should and removes all the hazardous contaminants that may be in your water! The Wellness system goes beyond that and gives you pure and vitalized water everytime with easy maintenance. Below you can see the test reports on what will be removed from your water when you setup your Wellness S-III. (click the "read more" link ;-)

With the wellness filter you get reliable water purification and water vitalization all in one simple unit. The clean and simple design makes it blend right in with your kitchen. There's even an undersink model or a converter kit that you can purchase later to install this unit under your sink with a convenient spout on your sink.







j Percent reduction reflects the allowable claims for Volatile Organic Chemicals/Compounds as per NSF/ANSI 53 Standard, Section

k The carbon block in the Wellness Kitchen S-III is rated for 1 micron nominal filtration. Performance claim for Cysts based on NSF/ ANSI 53 challenge protocol, which requires reduction of particles in the range of 3 +/-.15 micron. Performance claim for Asbestos based on NSF/ANSI 53 challenge protocol, which requires reduction of particles greater than 10 micron in length.




The Best Source of Water on Earth

we-countertop-cutaway-3x4-thumb.jpgThe Wellness Kitchen is the next generation of water filtration equipment. After years of research, testing, and engineering, we have created a system that produces the Best Source of Water on Earth while eliminating the problems and frustrations that plague most water filters today.

If you are considering a drinking water filter your options range from a simple faucet mount filter to carbon block filters and reverse osmosis systems. Read below to find out why the Wellness Kitchen is the best value for you and your family.

The Wellness Kitchen filtration and enhancement system delivers the
world’s purest and most natural tasting water. It effectively reduces
harmful contaminants, and at the same time enhances the water with
delicate ions and minerals. After letting your body absorb the effects of its
water, you will know why Hippocrates Health Institute, the world’s toprated
medical spa, endorses and exclusively uses the Wellness Filter® to
supply drinking water to its clients.


we-countertop-open-3x4-thumb.jpgThe Wellness Kitchen is the state-of-the-art in purification and
enhancement of water. Available in both countertop and undersink
models, the Wellness Kitchen utilizes a 3-stage carbon block and nanoceram
purification cartridge that has been independently tested to
reduce chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, PCB, MTBE, pesticides, THMs, lead,
mercury, asbestos, and cysts for 1000 gallons. The system is also tested
to reduce bacteria by 99.9999% and viruses by 99.99% while retaining all
healthy minerals.

After the water has been purified it passes through a permanent enhancement cartridge filled with 5 layers of exotic,
Japanese minerals. Inside, the patented magnetic treatment stage improves the hydrating ability of water, nourishing
your cells with fresh, super-hydrating water. Afterwards Bakuhan and Taicho add alkaline minerals which stabalize
the alkalinity of water and add a bacteriostatic effect, helping to keep the system free of contamination. Finally, Quartz
crystals add soluble silica into the water, a mineral which has been shown to positively effect cognitive function.

The Wellness Kitchen comes with a simple light indicator which glows blue, yellow, or red depending on cartridge
status. The cartridge change procedure is revolutionary; simply pull on the handle and twist the cartridge counterclockwise
to remove. The sanitary housing prevents you from ever having to touch a wet and potentially hazardous
cartridge. Unlike other filters on the market, the Wellness Kitchen delivers a full stream of purified water (over 1 gallon
per minute)... two times the average system and enough to use for all your beverage and cooking needs.

Find out for yourself why hundreds of thousands of users, including physicians, athletes and health-conscious
individuals, make the Wellness Filter technology their choice for a lifetime... order your Wellness Kitchen today.

Enhancement Media
• Magnetic Stage: • Bakuhan® Stone
• Ceramic Magnets • Taicho® Stone
• Tenko-Seki® & Magnetite • Quartz

• Height: 13.5 Inches • Cartridge Life: 1 Year (1200 Gallons)
• Width: 11.5 Inches • Flow Rate: 1 gpm
• Depth: 8 Inches • Pressure Rating: 40-100 psi
• Weight (dry): 12.5 Lbs • Temperature Range: 40 - 100° F


Wellness Kitchen Countertop Model: $595.00

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Wellness Kitchen Undersink Model: $595.00
(requires plumber to install not included)

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Endorsed by Hippocrates Health Institute



Guaranteed - 90 Day Money Back - We know that the choice to purchase a Wellness Kitchen S-III is probably the most important health decision you will ever make. We are so confident that you will benefit from an experience of water that is like no other that we offer you a 90 Day Money-Back Trial. Enjoy the benefits of the Wellness Kitchen S-III water in the comfort of your own home for 90 days; if you are not completely satisfied return it to us for a full refund.


Wellness Kitchen Countertop Model: $595.00

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Wellness Kitchen Undersink Model: $595.00
(requires plumber to install not included)

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Wellness Kitchen Countertop Model: $595.00

Click Here To Order Now


Wellness Kitchen Undersink Model: $595.00
(requires plumber to install not included)

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Wellness S-III Replacement Cartridge Set: $95.00

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Other Wellness Water System Solutions:

Shower Filter

Whole House Water System

Here's the breakdown of what the SIII Kitchen Model has been tested to remove and what levels of removal:

Substance Percent Reduction (actual product performance) Influent Challenge (mg/L unless specified) Max permissible water concentration (mg/L unless specified)
ASBESTOS k >99.9%
fibers greater than 10 micrometers in length
99% reduction requirement
ATRAZINEj >97% 0.100 0.003
BENZENEj >99% 0.081 0.001
BROMODICHLOROMETHANE (TTHM)j >99.8% 0.300 +/- 0.30 0.015
BROMOFORM (TTHM)j >99.8% 0.300 +/- 0.30 0.015
CARBOFURAN (Furadan)j >99% 0.190 0.001
CARBON TETRACHLORIDEj 98% 0.078 0.0018
CHLORAMINE as Aesthetic Effect (Monochloramine) >99%
3.0 mg/L +/-10%
CHLORINE as Aesthetic Effect >99%
2.0 mg/L +/-10%
> or = 50%
CHLOROBENZENE (Monochlorobenzene)j >99% 0.077 0.001
CHLOROPICRINj 99% 0.015 0.0002
CHLOROFORM (TTHM)j (surrogate chemical) >99.8% 0.300 +/- 0.30 0.015
Cryptosporidiumk (CYST) 99.95%
minimum 50,000/mL
CYSTk (Giardia; Cryptosporidium; Entamoeba; Toxoplasma) 99.95%
minimum 50,000/mL
2, 4-Dj 98% 0.110 0.0017
DBCP (see Dibromochloropropane)j >99% 0.052 0.00002
1,2-DCA (see 1,2-DICHLOROETHANE)j 95% 0.088 0.0048
1,1-DCE (see 1,1-DICHLOROETHYLENE)j >99% 0.083 0.001
DIBROMOCHLOROMETHANE (TTHM;Chlorodibromomethane)j >99.8% 0.300 +/- 0.30 0.015
o-DICHLOROBENZENE (1,2 Dichlorobenzene)j >99% 0.080 0.001
p-DICHLOROBENZENE (para-Dichlorobenzene)j >98% 0.040 0.001
1,2-DICHLOROETHANE (1,2-DCA)j 95% 0.088 0.0048
1,1-DICHLOROETHYLENE (1,1-DCE)j >99% 0.083 0.001
CIS-1,2-DICHLOROETHYLENEj >99% 0.170 0.0005
TRANS-1,2- DICHLOROETHYLENEj >99% 0.086 0.001
1,2-DICHLOROPROPANE (Propylene Dichloride)j >99% 0.080 0.001
CIS-1,3- DICHLOROPROPYLENEj >99% 0.079 0.001
DINOSEBj 99% 0.170 0.0002
EDB (see ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE)j >99% 0.044 0.00002
ENDRINj 99% 0.053 0.00059
Entamoebak (see CYSTS) 99.95%
minimum 50,000/mL
ETHYLBENZENEj >99% 0.088 0.001
ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE (EDB)j >99% 0.044 0.00002
Furadan (see CARBOFURAN)j >99% 0.190 0.001
Giardia Lambliak (see CYST) >99.95%
minimum 50,000/mL
Wellness Kitchen S-III Product Technical Specifications
Filtration & Carbon block (coconut shell & proprietary mix), SPG Sand, Quartz, Enhancement media Magnetite, Bakuhan®, Tenko-Seki®, Taicho®, & High Gauss Magnets
Filtering flow rate 0.35 -1.00 GPM (at 40 psi)
Maximum pressure (psi) 100 psi
Rated life 1,000 gallons/12 months
Operating temperatures 40°F. min -100°F. max
Body dimensions 7.5" Wide x 5.5" Deep x 13.25" High Hose Length: 54"
Body weight (dry) 9 Pounds
Product Warranty One year for workmanship & material defects

Under-the-Counter Conversion KitThe Wellness Kitchen S-III had the option of an under-sink installation. You can easily convert your counter top Kitchen S-III to an under-sink model if you have one of these previous models. The kit contains everything you need, including a faucet, mounting hardware, shut-off valve, cold water plumbing connector, black tubing, a leak sensor and four AA batteries. The only visible part of your new S-III system will be the beautiful stainless steel faucet that is designed to fit into the standard accessory hole of your kitchen sink.

If you have one of these models shown on the left but it's a countertop unit and you wish to purchase an undersink adapter kit please give us a call at 541-434-0318 and we'll take care of you.

The Wellness filtration and enhancement system has over 20 years of operating experience. The Wellness S-III protected your water from unwanted contaminants while at the same time enhancing its quality - but now with the new Wellness Kitchen model the undersink model is the same price as the countertop unit!


Substance Percent Reduction (actual product performance) Influent Challenge (mg/L unless specified) Max permissible water concentration (mg/L unless specified)

1,1-DICHLORO-2-PROPANONE 99% 0.0072 0.0001
1,1,1-TRICHLORO-2-PROPANONE 96% 0.0082 0.0003
HEPTACHLORj >99% 0.25 0.00001
HEPTACHLOR EPOXIDEj 98% 0.0107 0.0002
HEXACHLOROBUTADIENE (Perchlorobutadiene)j >98% 0.044 0.001
LEAD (pH 6.5) >99.3% 0.15 +/- 10% 0.010
LEAD (pH 8.5) >99.3% 0.15 +/- 10% 0.010
LINDANEj >99% 0.055 0.00001
METHOXYCHLORj >99% 0.050 0.0001
Methylbenzene (see TOLUENE)j >99% 0.078 0.001
Monochlorobenzene (see CHLOROBENZENE)j >99% 0.077 0.001
PCE (see TETRACHLOROETHYLENE)j >99% 0.081 0.001
PENTACHLOROPHENOLj >99% 0.096 0.001
Perchlorobutadiene (see HEXACHLOROBUTADIENE)j >98% 0.044 0.001
Propylene Dichloride (see 1,2 -DICHLOROPROPANE)j >99% 0.080 0.001
SIMAZINEj >97% 0.120 0.004
Silvex (see 2,4,5-TP)j 99% 0.270 0.0016
STYRENE (Vinylbenzene)j >99% 0.150 0.0005
1,1,1-TCA (see 1,1,1 - TRICHLOROETHANE)j 95% 0.084 0.0046
TCE (see TRICHLOROETHYLENE)j >99% 0.180 0.0010
1,1,2,2- TETRACHLOROETHANEj >99% 0.081 0.001
TOLUENE (Methylbenzene)j >99% 0.078 0.001
Toxoplasmak (see CYSTS) 99.95%
minimum 50,000/mL
2,4,5-TP (Silvex)j 99% 0.270 0.0016
TRIBROMOACETIC ACIDj >98% 0.042 0.001
1,2,4 TRICHLOROBENZENE (Unsymtrichlorobenzene)j >99% 0.160 0.0005
1,1,1-TRICHLOROETHANE (1,1,1-TCA)j 95% 0.084 0.0046
1,1,2-TRICHLOROETHANEj >99% 0.150 0.0005
TRICHLOROETHYLENE (TCE)j >99% 0.180 0.0010
TRIHALOMETHANESj (TTHM) (Chloroform; Bromoform;Bromodichloromethane; Dibromochloromethane) >95% 0.300 +/- 0.30 0.015
TRICHLOROBENZENE)j >99% 0.160 0.0005
Vinylbenzene (see STYRENE)j >99% 0.150 0.0005
XYLENES (TOTAL)j >99% 0.070 0.001

“The Wellness Filter is the best water treatment system I have ever seen. The wave energy is also the highest I have ever seen…no other system even comes close. While reverse osmosis and distilled waters are very clean, they are energetically dead and not healthy.”

Dr. H. Hotta, Hotta Hospital


“We have found that the Wellness Filter® takes water to a new level in purity and performance. Taking nutritional products with Wellness Filter® water gives the consumer the ultimate health benefit.

Jeff Lioon, President
Douglas Laboratories


"We have seen virtually everything ever offered in the way of water purification. The Wellness Filter® product line will change the way people look at water in the future." We believe that the Wellness Filter is in a class by itself and offers qualities and benefits that are outside the reach of conventional water filters.

John Douglas
Paragon Water Systems


“The Wellness Filter® is the most amazing water purification system I have ever seen. I am taking mine with me to my newest development and can’t imagine a quality home without one in it.

Craig Perna, Developer of Addison Reserve and
Mirasol Golf Communities


“We have been very impressed with the improved quality, taste and feel of our clubhouse water since installing a large Wellness Filter last year. Club members have also commented about the improved taste of their drinks because of the water/ice. I have one for my new home, showing noticeable benefit in hair and skin care but household plants are thriving as well. We are now looking at numerous applications of using Wellness Filter® water on our golf course".

Jeff Reynolds, Owner/Developer
Indian River Club, Vero Beach, FL


“We have experienced the Wellness Filter® in our restaurant for only a month and I must tell you the results are incredible. The Wellness Filter has improved the quality of our sauces, soups, and vegetables, and we are now offering our customers Wellness Filter Water instead of bottled water. We are very happy with our decision to install your filter at San Domenico.

Tony May (Restaurateur of the Year 2000)
San Domenico Restaurant, NYC


“Our chef reports better tasting stocks, pasta, shrimp and rice since switching to the Wellness Filter®. Our dishwashers use less chemicals and steamer equipment performs better. We have eliminated our expensive water softening system and estimate that the unit will pay for itself in only a few months.

Martin Patton, President
Christophers Restaurant


“Wow! The Wellness Filter has been a tremendous benefit to Jack’s and it has my unequivocal endorsement of this product to the restaurant industry.”

Brad Rosenstein, President
Jack’s Oyster House

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