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Green 8 Harmonizing Foil Have you been secretly concerned about your safety while using your cell phone?


Cell phone radiation has now been definitively proven to be harmful to your health. Now it's just a matter of whether you are willing to take a few steps to see that there are some things that you can do to protect yourself and especially to protect your children who are even more at risk.




Children have less developed skulls and really shouldn't use cell phones at all until at least age 18. These days children are using cell phone well below the age of 10. It is a sin that the industry is marketing wireless phones to the youth when they know that there are studies which show that children are the most at risk group for cell phone radiation dangers.


There are some simple ways you can use your wireless phone more safely and some products you can install in and on your phone which have been proven to help lower the energetic damage of cell phone radiation.

Who else wants to eliminate electro-magnetic stress? If you've never heard of electro-magnetic stress it's caused from the communication microwave signals which your cell phone and other wireless appliances use. These appliances wouldn't work without the electro-magnetic waves and they disrupt your body's electro-magnetic system.


Green 8 is a product which is very easy to install and super easy to use. We've proven in the past few years that thousands of satisfied people in the US have been happily using this product - you can read some comments from users on the website. Once you install it you'll notice less heat from your mobile / cell phone on long calls.


The radiation from your cell phone will be instantly transformed when you install it in the battery compartment of your cell phone (as shown on the left above). Unlike all of our competitors you'll never lose your Green 8 once you install it. Why? It fits inside of the battery compartment unlike various others which stick on the back (some help but most electro-sensitives choose the Green 8).

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Cell phones use microwave radiation to transmit and receive signals -

Don't be fooled by products which claim to shield the radiation - the better they work the worse your phone will!

Cell Phone Protection


The Green 8 Small for cell phones are $34.95 each and come with a 90 day complete satisfaction guarantee. You are welcome to return them for any reason within 90 days for a refund.

Medium Green 8's are great for laptops and other mid-sized electronic equipment and wireless accessories. Medium Green 8's are $47.00 each and they also have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

Large Green 8's are perfect for desktop computers and larger appliances. You can simply place them on the outside of your computer tower and you'll be protected from the Electro-Smog emitted from your computer. Of course these come with the same 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Large Green 8's are $67 each.