• Personal Protection
  • electronic health research instruments
    Energy Medicine was so popular at the turn of the 20th century that it nearly became a mainstream phenomenon as thousands of electro-magnetic machines were being used all over the united States. Energetic therapy is alive and well in our early 21st century today even if pharmaceutical companies would rather see it disappear.
  • Anti-EMF & Cell Phone Radiation
    There are things you can do to be a safer cell phone user. Other appliances also emit EMF (electro-magnetic fields) and Radiation. These products will help you cope with electro-magnetic stress and reduce it.
  • Water Products
    You can benefit from my years of studying water and the work of Viktor Schauberger and learn natural ways to soften your water without chemicals. Check out these products and make sure to register for my free eCourse on Viktor Schauberger.
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