Get Deeper, More Restful Sleep...


 With This Easy To Use Magnetic Device

The Earth Pulse simulates the earth's natural magnetic field and makes your bed feel like you are sleeping in the wilderness. Check it out and get deeper sleep the easy way ...

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Far Infrared Sauna with Superior Carbon Heaters

Why does it matter what heaters your Far Infrared Sauna uses? Fact is, most infrared sauna heaters use metal in the heating element - this CANNOT match the heat signature of your carbon based cellular structure!

Our unique zirconium carbon heaters emit a precise FAR INFRARED signature that closely matches the heat your body emits naturally. Matching your heat signature means that it can help slowly heat your body from the inside out - more like you get when working out rather than in an ordinary sauna! Click here to learn more..

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Portable Far Infrared Sauna w/Active Carbon Fibers

Portable FIR Sauna Solution

The Rainbow is designed to suit various postures with its lightweight and self-standing dome design. It can be your personalized heat therapist. You can take it anywhere. Enjoy the powerful active carbon fiber far-infrared therapy anytime,anywhere.

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Most Vital Ingredient For Good Health

It's quite surprising that this is still a big secret and that most folks are going at this all wrong...

Are You Missing the Most Important Ingredient for Optimum Health?

All of us, regardless of age, want to feel better, look better and get more out of life. Whether you are in reasonably good health and just looking to lose some weight and tone up or whether you are battling a health condition and under a physician’s care, chances are you’re still looking..

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The Silver Pulser

zbb5_sm.jpg The Silver Pulser is basically the standard in Xxx Xxxx type low frequency pulsers.

It was developed way back when Xxx Xxxx had first released his information to the world and has been through numerous improvements over the years.

Sorry this had to be censored...

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Lightworks LED Therapy Instrument

These units are finally available after months of waiting!


We back this unit with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee which you won't find from other suppliers. Why do I do this? Simply because I choose my products carefully and I know you will be satisified.

Light therapy is something that has been proven by reputable organizations like..

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Tri-Field EMF Meter Standard

AC gaussmeter, electric field meter, RF field strength meter combined in one electromagnetic instrument.
The TriField Meter (and BroadBand TriField Meter)
An excellent tool for electricians or those curious about EMF fields.


This meter reads AC fields, such as from power lines.
The original TriField ® Meter combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields.

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Wellness Water EZmaintain Shower Filter

shower-small.png With the wellness filter you get reliable water purification and water vitalization all in one simple unit. The special design allows you to easily turn the unit to reverse the flow. This backflush feature clears residue in the filter and extends the life of the filter. It's best to backflush at least once per week for best performance and even more frequently if you have a large family or take lots of showers.

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Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone

Flanagan's Neurophone allows you to hear through alternate pathways to the brain. This remarkable technology is in it's eighth generation since Patrick invented this at the age of 13 in the 1950's.

The particular model shown here allows you to connect any audio source to it and "listen" to the audio, not directly through your ears, but through alternative pathways into your brain.

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Quantron Resonance System - QRS

Discover What This Advanced Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Can Do For You!


Reach Beyond Standard Magnets: Over 14 years of scientific research in Germany brings you a method of simply relaxing on a mat of pulsating magnetic frequencies to bring about energetic balance in your cells.

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Qi Gong Energetic Massager

Infrasound is vibrations below the audible frequency range. Humans normally can hear as low as 20 Hertz so below 20 Hertz is considered the "Infrasonic" range.

The Qi Gong Massager was actually modeled after research done in China which found that hands on healers such as Reiki Masters and Qi Gong Practitioners we actually broadcasting low frequency energy..

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Scenar Biofeedback skin impedence research instrument from Russia helps jump start our own healing energy! The new instruments are in.

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Best Sellers

Magnetic Pulser
Magnetuc Pulser

The Magnetic Pulser is the second instrument in the list of essential units to acquire when researching the work of Xxx Xxxx. This unit is a high intensity / low frequency magnetic pulser.

Most Vital Ingredient For Good Health

It's quite surprising that this is still a big secret and that most folks are going at this all wrong...

Are You Missing the Most Important Ingredient for Optimum Health?

Green 8 Cell Phone Protector
Green 8 Harmonizing Foil Have you been secretly concerned about your safety while using your cell phone?


Cell phone radiation has now been definitively proven to be harmful to your health. Now it's just a matter of whether you are willing to take a few steps to see that there are some things that you can do to protect yourself and especially to protect your children who are even more at risk.

Q-Link Silver Energetic Pendant

qlink_silver_sm.jpgThe Q-Link Silver pebble shaped pendant with SRT-3. It's a perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant.

Tri-Field EMF Meter Standard

AC gaussmeter, electric field meter, RF field strength meter combined in one electromagnetic instrument.

Bemer - Pulsed Magnetic Therapy System

ImagePulsed Magnetic Therapy takes the idea of magnetic energy to another level - and I really mean that...

When magnetic field "moves" in proximity to a conductor a current flow is induced in the conductor. A pulsing magnetic field means that the field is repeatedly building and collapsing at a specific rate or frequency.

Q-Link Black Energetic Pendant

Sleek and chic, with a dual-tone design, this beveled-edge triangle has two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down.

Wellness Water Kitchen SIII Unit

Natural Kitchen

Countertop Kitchen Unit

Undersink Kitchen Unit

Price: $449

Price: $499

The Natural Kitchen combines the best available filtration technologies to give you pure, naturally filtered water straight from the tap for pennies per gallon. Proven nano fiber technology virtually eliminates Bacteria and Viruses. Filtered water retains the healthy, naturally occurring minerals that stabilize water and provide its unique flavor.
  • Tested to NSF Standards 42 and 53 for chemical reduction
  • Reduces Bacteria by 99.9999% and Virus by 99.99%
  • Filters three times faster than most systems (up to 1.5 GPM)
  • Single cartridge filters up to 1200 gallons for one year
  • Made in the USA from high grade stainless steel
  • Streamlined design reduces potential for leaks and failures
  • Lifetime Warranty on all stainless steel components

Filtration Performance

Utilizes a carbon block that has been independently tested to NSF Standards for reduction of chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, PCBs, MTBE, pesticides, THMs, lead, mercury, asbestos, cysts and othercontaminants. The carbon block is wrapped with multiple layers of nano fiber membranes, a cutting edge technology tested to reduce bacteria by 99.9999% and viruses by 99.99% while retaining all natural minerals. Filters up to 1.5 gallons of water each minute, three times faster than a standard carbon filter and over 60 times faster than a reverse osmosis system without the waste.The Natural Kitchen has a single multi-layered cartridge that lasts up to 1200 gallons or up to one year. No tools are required for a cartridge change, and it takes just a few minutes. Other systems have multiple cartridges that have to be changed as often as every three months and require specialty tools.

Product Quality

The filter housing is constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel and all fittings are made with lead-free brass
in compliance with the strictest safety standards. Manufactured and assembled in the USA. The Natural Kitchen minimizes potential leaks and failures by using only reliable brass compression fittings for the inlet and outlet and a solid stainless steel band clamp to seal the filter housing. In comparison, it has become common in the industry to use plastic housings with numerous plastic fittings that have a substantially higher potential to leak or fail, which could cause catastrophic damage to your home. In addition to our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee we provide a Lifetime Warranty on all stainless steel components and a 1 Year Warranty on other components. Try it for yourself and find out why the Natural Kitchen provides healthier water for you, naturally.

Natural Kitchen Performance Data Sheet

Note: All tests completed in accordance with NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53 & P-231 for reduction of the substances listed
below. The concentration of the individual substances in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less
than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system, as specified in the NSF 42, 53 & P-231 standards.

* Percent reduction reflects the allowable claims for Volatile Organic Chemicals/Compounds as per NSF/ANSI 53 Standard, Section

*Percent reduction reflects the allowable claims for Volatile Organic Chemicals/Compounds as per NSF/ANSI 53 Standard, Section

  1. Chloroform was used as a surrogate for claims of reduction of VOCs. The Natural Kitchen tested at >99.8% actual reduction of Chloroform. Percent reduction shown herein reflects the allowable claims for VOCs as per tables in the Standard.
  2. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
  3. Filter life will vary in proportion to the amount of water used and the level of impurities in the water being processed. For optimum performance, it is essential that the filter be replaced on a regularly scheduled basis as follows: (a) annually; (b) when the unit’s rated capacity has been reached; (c) the flow rate diminishes; (d) the filter becomes saturated with bad tastes and odors.
  4. The Natural Kitchen is warranted as follows: All stainless steel components - Lifetime. All other components excluding filter cartridge - 1 year. Please see the Owner’s Manual for complete product guarantee and warranty information.
  5. Please see the Owner’s Manual for installation instructions and operating procedures.
  6. In compliance with New York law, it is recommended that before purchasing a water treatment system, NY residents have their water supply tested to determine their actual water treatment needs. Please compare the capabilities of the Natural Kitchen with
  7. your actual water treatment needs.
  8. Check for compliance with state and local laws and regulations.
  9. While testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary.
  10. The list of substances which the treatment device reduces does not necessarily mean that these substances are present in your tap water.

Countertop Kitchen Unit

Undersink Kitchen Unit

Price: $449

Price: $499

StirWand Water Transformer

 We no longer sell this product.

The idea of water being the life blood of the earth was first explored by Viktor Schauberger late in the 19th century. He observed nature with an amazing insight which revealed things that seemed to violate much scientific dogma. As we press on into the 21st century and it becomes clear that scientific credibility can be very different than it first appears. Money unfortunately influences scientific studies and therefore public perception of what is science.

Water molecules are in constant motion. Their movement with respect to each other is their resonance. Schauberger was the first person in our modern civilization to realize how sensitve water is to energetic influence. This means that very quiet sounds and other frequencies will change the resonance or tone of the water.

Water is more than it appears.

This is quite clear to anyone who studies the historical work of Viktor Schauberger and related work.

Now we can use the Vortex Science of Viktor Schauberger to make our water much more active and alive. There are many different ways to do this. This page will be updated soon.

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