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The Harmonic Pulser
By Ed Skilling

Disclaimer: This unit is for researchers only. The unit and literature have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US or the Health Protection Branch in Canada. This product is not intended to cure or treat any disease. Government health departments and medical associations state that you must consult a medical doctor for treatment of all diseases. Individual results may vary.
Harmonic Pulser (click to enlarge)
What is the Harmonic Pulser?
SOTA Instruments Inc. has been given licence from inventor/designer genius Ed Skilling to manufacture the Harmonic Pulser.

The Harmonic Pulser is microchip-computer controlled through special software written by SOTA. The microchip-computer and Radio-Frequency (RF) generator are quartz-crystal controlled to ensure stable and precise frequencies.

The Harmonic Pulser is designed to output a series of harmonizing frequencies. A 728 Hz healing frequency modulates a 28.322 MHz Radio-Frequency (RF). This results in the generation of large amount of harmonics that extend all the way up to the Giga-Hertz range.

The Harmonic Pulser therefore broadcasts its output waveform through the air, similar to a radio station. The RF output is only 100 milli-Watts (like that of a toy Walkie-Talkie 2-Way Radio), but will output over a 100 foot radius.

The Harmonic Pulser has a built-in RF Planar Antenna situated under the top panel of the plastic enclosure. For maximum RF output, place the top panel of the unit towards the intended target.

It is theorized that these rich series of frequencies and harmonics generated by the Harmonic Pulser have a positive effect on well-being. (Original work has been done by two well-known researchers which cannot be named due to government restrictions).

Ed Skilling used his inventive genius to combine both a healing frequency (728 Hz) with Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) research.

Under manufacturing and design licence with Ed Skilling, SOTA has completely re-designed the previous RF-FlatPak/SoundMagi (which is now called the Harmonic Pulser). The original RF-FlatPak/SoundMagi was introduced as an accessory to Ed Skilling's the hugely popular Photon Sound Beam (PSB).

The Harmonic Pulser has advanced features not found in the original RF-FlatPak/SoundMagi, is available at a very affordable new price and sports a 3 year warranty. Because of control over manufacturing and design, the limited availability of the older RF-FlatPak/SoundMagi is not an issue with the Harmonic Pulser.

Operation is simple: Flip the toggle switch to the ON position, and that's all there is to it. The green light will begin to flash every second. If the red light comes on at anytime, replace the battery. To test the Low Battery circuit, turn the unit OFF. The red light will flash briefly.

Unit is covered by a 3 year warranty on internal mounted components.

The Harmonic Pulser is very lightweight (a few ounces) and operates from a standard 9-Volt Alkaline battery. NOTE: Since we ship each Harmonic Pulser with a 12 Volt DC Universal Wall Adapter, a 9 Volt battery is not included.

Unique Features
  • Quartz-crystal frequency control for RF generation and microchip-computer timing.

  • Proprietary software written by SOTA for microchip-computer functions.

  • 12 Volt DC Power option. Unit is shipped with a 12 Volt DC Universal Wall Adapter.

  • Compact and lightweight size. (Smaller than the RF-FlatPak/SoundMagi).

  • Warranty extended to 3 years.

  • The output wave form of the Harmonic Pulser is enhanced over the RF-FlatPak/SoundMagi

  • Consistently available.

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Harmonic Pulser
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